Going into sewing mode!

We have fine-tuned and completed our mask pattern design and finalized our unique pattern in adult small, medium, and large sizes, and in youth small and medium. We are all ready to go!

We are working on a series of short videos to train a team of talented people to make our first masks for living design. This next week we will begin initially offering an opportunity to join our team of creative sewists to families in need in our own community in the Charlotte, NC area. As we grow, we will open up the creator program to sewists nationwide. Many are facing bills after being laid off, stressed about caring for their families, but have talents and abilities to help us create masks to supply the need we all face. We expect to scale up capacity very rapidly as we add team members.

We are successfully finding innovative solutions for various parts of our product with materials we have on hand, given the pandemic supply crunch. We are moving as fast as possible to create our masks for living using the fabrics we currently have. We have started off making masks in size adult medium. Still, as our creative director continues to search for suppliers of the raw materials we need to build inventory and meet the needs of our customers, we will expand into all other sizes of our masks.

Watch for our product details page as we open the store up for orders. When we open the store we will accept backorders on all sizes, with a maximum of ten per size (we cannot guarantee how quickly we can turn these initial backorders around).

Join our newsletter for updates. We will notify newsletter members of new batches of masks first when they are available. We hope to take the store live with our first batch on Monday, April 6. In addition, we will send out information in the newsletter as to where and how to apply to participate in our cottage industry creator program.